We speak English!

KVZ Kayak Club

At KV Zeeburg, we mostly paddle in sea kayaks and tour kayaks, but there are also members who paddle in open canoes, surf skis and other boats. 

The main language at the club is Dutch, but we have many international members and try to cater for non-Dutch speakers as well. Every year, we try to offer at least one introduction course in English and during tours the tour leader is usually happy to switch to English when needed. There's always someone willing to translate and often, conversations switch to English when someone doesn't speak Dutch.

We are a kayak club run by members for its members. As a member, you can take part in all club activities, including courses and tours. You can either use club boats, or paddle in your own kayak that can be stored in our club units. 

Storing a kayak with us is only possible for club members, and the number of spots is limited. Should you consider this, we would like to ask you to get in touch first. 

Introduction to kayaking

If you have no or little previous kayaking experience, we want you to start with our introduction course when you become a member. This way we can ensure safe paddling, and we can introduce you to the club and our facilities.

The introduction course takes place over four evenings (or two Saturdays) and covers basic skills: 

To wrap up the course, we put what we've learned into practice during a city tour through the Amsterdam canals. This is also a great opportunity to meet other club members.

To sign up for the introduction course, you can use this form.

Experienced paddlers

Are you an experienced paddler looking for a club in Amsterdam? In that case, you can become a member and join our (weekly) paddle tours and maybe even sign up for follow-up courses. 

Before you can join, we would like to invite you for an introduction tour. During this tour, we can assess your paddling level and we can tell you more about our club, the safety rules, and our facilities.

To inquire about becoming a member and setting up an introduction tour, please email us at info@kvzeeburg.nl.

No rentals or tours

We are a kayak club and do not have rental facilities or city tours that you can sign up for. Please try one of these options: 

If you are a kayak club and are looking to get in touch, feel free to email us at info@kvzeeburg.nl